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Lincoln High School Firefighter Career Technical Education

"The Fire Program here at Lincoln opened my eyes to new opportunities. It taught me to respect others, respect myself, and most of all a sense of camaraderie, or teamwork! Lincoln's fire program is an experience ever student should be a part of!"
--- Senior Lindsey Latson, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Softball

Fire Protection Program

"Taking Fire Pro class is the greatest class you can ever take! When coming to this class, you're going to learn a lot of stuff that can help you in life and lead you to become a better person overall. In addition, you're going to do a lot of cool activites and not be stuck in a classroom all day. If you haven't decided what to do for a career, or even if you have, it would be a good opportunity to take this class. It might inspire you, like it did me, to become a firefighter."
---Senior Micah Edwards, Varsity Running Back

"In my opinion, the Lincoln Fire Technology program is great for all students! This program keeps you in shape, or gets you into shape, and helps you learn about the fire service and daily living. Even if you are not sure you want to go into the fire service it's cool cause we do rappelling, hoisting ladders, search and rescue, and more. Our instructor, Mr. Mann, is always there for us, helps us with anything we need, and will even talk to you if you have ANY problems, in school or not. He is such a great guide and I am glad that he is my instructor… "
--- Senior Rene Herrera, Varsity Baseball

Fire Fighter

Here at Hornet's Nest we have some great programs. Among our greatest program is the Firefighter Career Technical Education Program. In this program, students use skill based learning to learn career specific information that will help them prepare for a rewarding career in the fire service. Programs such as this are the building blocks that help students learn and understand the specifics about certain career fields. They also help instill job specific vocabulary, organization, team work, time management, discipline, respect, and participation. Students learn how to efficiently perform the same drills firefighters do, under their instructor and coordinator, Austin Mann, who motivates them with his commanding demeanor. "The core values of the program are discipline, teamwork and communication," says Mann. "We realize that not everybody is going to pursue a career in fire, but those elements, as well as many others we teach, are universal."

Students can begin the pathway by enrolling in…

Fire Technology 1 and 2 - These are the introductory courses, in which they learn basic chemistry of fire, the beginning stages of discipline, philosophy and history of fire protection, fire service structure, organizational culture, and many other things.

Fire Technology 3 and 4 - Then if they decide that it was an awesome class (which they will!), they can enroll in Fire Technology 3 and 4. These are our Intermediate courses which build upon some of the basic skills they learn in Fire Technology 1 and 2. This course will teach them more advanced skills such as fire hose deployment, how to ladder a building, basic search and rescue, ropes and knots for rappelling/anchoring, getting in and out of the gear they are assigned properly, and much more…

Fire Technology 5 and 6 - After 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been completed, they are eligible to enroll in Fire Technology 5 and 6. This is our Advanced Course which expands into the details of everything they have covered this far. This course teaches them leadership skills, application of knowledge based skills, using those skills in real world applications, financial aid applications, and resume building techniques. They also must complete a Skills Portfolio development packet and begin to study the medical side of the fire service, Emergency Medical Responder.

Fire Technology 7 and 8 - This is the final course that helps bring all of the knowledge they have learned this far together. It also dives into preparing them for the administrative side of the fire service. They begin to learn all of the skills of an Emergency Medical Technician (county and nationally), laws and regulations affecting the fire service, technology advancements and how they pertain to fire technology, and even help them get involved in Externships/Internships with local Fire Departments such as San Diego Fire and Rescue!

After completing all of the program courses, finishing with a "B" or better, and completing the written final exit exam with a "B" or better, students are eligible to receive 3 college units through Miramar College! These credits are in lieu of completing Fire Technology 101 (FIPT 101)!!!

Austin Mann, Fire Technology Program Coordinator, claims that two of the major changes he primarily sees in his students are that they become more physically fit and drastically improve their grades. Mann also says that during lunch and after school, his class

is packed. Students from all groups come together to form new friendships that will hopefully bond this community closer together today, tomorrow, and in the future. Other programs within Lincoln High have struggled to retain students, while he has a problem sending his students home at the end of the day. He also explains, "It's a very fulfilling feeling knowing that at the end of the day you were able to give back to these students who may become the next generation of firefighters. Some started this class with no direction, shy, and reserved; now they have grown into motivated leaders with a purpose and direction."

Iron Mountain

"Lincoln's firefighter program is a program where you can create bonds like no other program or class. This program will teach life skills and pushes you out of your comfort zone. With the help of the instructor and the peers, you can end up doing things you didn't think you were capable of. In other words, we are not just another program, we are a family."
---Senior Julissa Martinez

"In my opinion the Lincoln Fire Program is a great success. As an Honor and AP (Advanced Placement) student, I am able to benefit physically, mentally, and intellectually! I have learned many different aspects that apply to all career fields, such as how to be physically fit, dealing with pressure, and conquering adversity. You learn the science of fire, rolling/loading/unloading fire hose, and even the different types of tools. Lincoln Fire Program is a great place to be for any kind of student."
--- Sophomore Christian Tocol, Honor and AP student

We are the only Fire Technology program within San Diego Unified School District that has a complete pathway of courses, helps your student through an articulation agreement with Miramar College Fire Technology Program, and that has a fully functioning Fire Engine with HORNET decals! Much of the equipment used in Lincoln High's firefighter program has been donated or obtained through grant funding. Many firefighters from across Southern California, generously donate their time to come speak about one of the most rewarding careers around. Personnel who dedicate some of their time come from departments and programs such as Compton FD, San Diego Fire and Rescue Dept., Miramar College Fire Technology, Miramar FD, National City FD, Chula Vista FD, San Miguel FD, CalFire, San Diego County Fire and many more!!!

Do you think YOU have what it takes to become a firefighter? Do you like a challenge? Come join us here at Lincoln and ENROLL NOW in Fire Technology with Mr. Mann in Room 381.

Instructor/Coordinator: Mr. Hernandez

Class Phone #: (619) 266-6500 Ext. 2382
Class Hours: 0715-1500 (03:00pm) Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri
0715-1330 (01:00pm) Wednesday

Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter

Contributors/Authors to this story:

Austin Mann - Fire Technology Program Coordinator, Editor
Lindsey Latson --- Senior Lindsey Latson, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Softball
Rene Herrera --- Senior Rene Herrera, Varsity Baseball
Julissa Martinez - 2016 Senior, Varsity Volleyball,
Micah Edwards ---Senior Micah Edwards, Varsity Running Back
Christian Tocol--- Sophomore, Honor and AP student

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